Digital Shadows Reveals a 50% Increase in Exposed Data in One Year

Digital Shadows Reveals a 50% Increase in Exposed Data in One Year

Digital Shadows Reveals a 50% Increase in Exposed Data in One Year
May 30, 2019 | 5 Min Read

错误配置的安全控制可能导致GDPR多次被破坏.3 billion exposed files, including passport data, bank records and medical information, increasing risk of identity theft, ransomware attacks and more

London and San Francisco, May 30, 2019: Digital Shadows, the leader in digital risk protection, 今天公布了光子研究团队的一份新报告的发现, “Too Much Information: The Sequel,” assessing the scale of inadvertent global data exposure. The team’s research revealed the exposure of 2.3 billion files across online file stores, including customer data such as passport scans and bank statements, as well as business information, such as credentials to company systems.

The exposure represents an increase of over 750 million files since the same study was carried out by Digital Shadows in 2018 – more than a 50% annual increase. 这些曝光——包括来自美国的3.26亿份记录、来自英国的9800万份记录、来自德国的1.21亿份记录——可能会让许多公司违反GDPR规定, which became effective one year ago. 这将使他们面临2000万欧元的罚款,占全球营业额的4%,因为他们未能充分保护客户的数据.

这种数据暴露的原因是由于对常用文件存储技术的错误配置. Nearly 50% of the files (1.是通过服务器消息块协议(Server Message Block protocol)泄露的,该协议是1983年首次设计的一种文件共享技术. Other misconfigured technologies including FTP services (20% of total), rsync (16%), 亚马逊S3“桶”(8%)和网络附加存储设备(3%)被列为额外的暴露源.

光子研究团队警告说,这种暴露给组织带来的风险是严重的. 不仅仅是像GDPR这样的数据隐私法的分支意义重大, 这些暴露的数据为攻击者提供了他们所需要的一切,以针对他们的客户发起个性化攻击, employees, and third parties. For example, 美高梅集团app下载公司发现超过1700万暴露的文件已经被勒索软件加密, 2 million of which by the recently discovered ‘NamPoHyu’ variant. 企业可能已经受到这些勒索软件攻击的影响,但可能没有意识到. In another example, a small IT consulting company in the UK was found to be exposing 212,000 files, many of which belonged to their clients, with password lists kept in plain text. 这是一个典型的例子,说明企业信任第三方,在第三方不能保证数据安全的情况下,却无法看到数据.

The risks to individual consumers are high as well. 有大量的数据被那些相信它们能保证安全的组织所暴露, 攻击者可以很容易地使用这些信息对个人本身执行有针对性的攻击. For example, 研究发现一个开放的FTP服务器包含了攻击者进行身份盗窃所需的一切——包括工作申请, personal photos, passport scans, and bank statements. The team also found 4.7 million exposed medical-related files, the majority of which were DICOM (DCM) medical imaging files, including x-rays and other health-related imaging scans. With GDPR regulations in effect, and data privacy laws tightening around the world, 受到这种暴露影响的消费者比以往任何时候都有更大的权力对那些最初允许其数据暴露的组织采取行动.

While overall file exposure has increased, Photon Team报告了Amazon S3桶暴露的数据急剧下降.’ In November 2018, Amazon introduced ‘Amazon S3 Block Public Access,’ which provided more extensive security controls for its services. 光子研究团队指出,自去年11月(当时有1600万文件被曝光)以来,S3存储文件被曝光的数量已经下降到只有1个,895开放式桶-一个显著的改进,服务广泛使用的全球组织.

Harrison Van Riper, a Photon Research analyst, commented: “Our research shows that in a GDPR world, 无意中暴露出来的数据的影响甚至更大. 欧盟国家总共泄露了超过10亿份文件——几乎占美高梅集团app下载全球所查看的文件总数的50%——比美高梅集团app下载去年所查看的文件多出约2.62亿份. 美高梅集团app下载敦促所有组织定期审计其面向公众的服务的配置.”

Digital Shadows建议各组织采取以下预防措施:

  • 使用Amazon S3 Block Public Access来限制私有桶的公开. 启用通过AWS的日志记录,以监视任何不想要的访问或潜在的暴露点.
  • If possible, block ports 139 and 445 from the internet. IP白名单应该只用于允许那些被授权访问这些共享的系统, are indeed the only ones accessing those shares. Also, usernames with strong and complex passwords should be utilized.
  • 如果rsync仅在内部使用,则阻塞端口837以禁止任何外部连接.
  • 使用SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol)作为对FTP的更新,增加了SSH加密.
  • As with FTP servers, 网络连接的存储(NAS)驱动器应该放在内部防火墙之后,并且应该使用访问控制列表来防止不希望的访问.


For further details, read Digital Shadows’ blog announcement of the research.



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